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by programmer
07 May 2020
Forum: General Discussion on Coding
Topic: install-snap” change in progress
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install-snap” change in progress

I was installing an app using snap from Ubuntu software centre but got the error

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unable to install "name_of_package": snap "name_of_package" has "install-snap" change in progress
I donot know where is the problem. I am installing from the ubuntu centre.
by programmer
20 Oct 2019
Forum: Fixing Errors Python
Topic: How to create a new Django Project
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How to create a new Django Project

Hello all, I am a beginner to Django and I had gone through the below link to start with Django

Django Overview

But i am unable to understand which command is used to create a new django project.

Please could you explain about this?

With Regards
by programmer
11 Jun 2019
Forum: Fixing Errors Python
Topic: ImportError: No module named 'PyQt5.pyrcc_main'
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ImportError: No module named 'PyQt5.pyrcc_main'

Hello everyone, How are you. Let me explain my problem first and then steps undergone to resolve the problem' Problem I was playing with Training Custom Object Detector — TensorFlow Object Detection API . During the process of annotation, I was trying to create the annotation using GUI tool as direc...