About Us

We are Finding Machine Learning capabilities to a level when machines will build the future.

AI Sangam is an Indian startup company run by passionate developers and freelancers for providing Data Science Solutions as well as Consulting. Back Two years, we realized the importance of Machine learning and AI. Thought came in mind to emerge as a leading Machine learning software company in India. We started practicing python, Django, Flask, Matlab and today we feel proud about our achievements. Please refer to Portfolio section of the website. AI Sangam is always thinking about solving day to day problems using programmatic skills. Data is an oil and very precious. If business is to be enhanced and better revenue is to be generated, Machine learning is the best option. We provide best teaching of such domain along with Python, MATLAB, Django and FLASK. Please refer to services section to know more about services and why we are one of the best AI Service provider. Speaking is useless if you don't have some proof to show and AI Sangam You Tube Channel speaks about it. Not only this, AI Sangam have developed AI chatbot and is one of the AI chatbot service provider in India . Feel free to chat with it to know our capabilities. We are trying to provide customer better quality and satisfaction.

We are making our best for research in AI and making programs for machine learning which can give a drastic change in industry. Machine Learning has already proved itself an important aspect of today’s technology. But our innovation can multiply its capabilities. Moreover we provide machine learning solutions for real business growth. It is the place where you will find best things you thought. We have innovative solutions for every problem. We work with deep learning technologies to set the goals of AI. Our implementations of deep learning can be applied in every field such as healthcare, games, marketing, finance, technology and many more. We are ready to except challenges in developing anything in a positive aspect that can be beneficial to industry.

Feel free to contact is at our contact page. We will solve your queries at the earliest. Thanks for sparing some time for reading this page.

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Our Capabilities

We are multi-capable of analyzing Data with experience and preprocessing with accuracy. We have Data Scientists, full –stack Python developers, Web designers and Machine Learning experts. Professionals with their great knowledge and experience serve their best in Data Science, AI and Machine learning. We dreams to become Best python and Machine learning company in India and working hard to achieve such.

We can easily overcome 6 main challenges of Machine Learning.

  • Handling massive data
  • Model Building
  • Feature Selection
  • Best and Efficient Algorithm
  • More Accurate Prediction
  • Optimizing code
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Meet The Team

Team work is most crucial for any organization or company to grow. Keeping this in mind, AI Sangam team is very passionate about their domains. Every person has some set of responsibility and they excel in those area with firm determination and daily practice. Our team includes Python Programmer who can integrate programming and Web Framework together. Another developer develops in computer vision and MATLAB. One professional content writer works on writing content for main website, blogs and Github ReadMe. We have also expert in Social Engine Optimization and overall a tutor who can teach you Machine learning, Deep learning , Web based Framework. We are emerging as one of the leading company in Python, Machine learning and computer vision.

Gurleen Kaur

She is expert in writing content on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Markup Language. Please check some of her notable works at AI Sangam blog and AI Sangam Github

Dilpreet Singh

He is the co-founder of the company. He manages all the team and himself a python programmer. He believes that through hard work and firm determination AI Sangam will become leading Machine learning software company in India. He tries his best to offer Best python and MATLAB services to others.

Sanjay Chaudhary

All the designs you see in the site and AI Sangam Blog is done by him. He chooses templates and creates feature images for different articles. CSS and HTML is taken care by him. He has good experience in such domain.

Vijay Arya

He is a backend Python developer. He develops applications using python based on Machine learning. He believes in Data Science Solutions and has good experience in his domain. He also integrates python applications with web. He also create Python based API.

Our Skills


Our History

Started a vision to establish leading company in Data Science Solutions and Consulting. Started dreaming more and discussed the ideas with other friends who later own became the team.

We don't know anything about it but dream is always live in everyone.

Each team member worked hard and practiced his/her domains every day and came out with the name AI Sangam. In this year many projects are completed by the team members whose demo is available in AI Sangam You Tube Channel and AI Sangam Website.

We are progressing each day. Please subscribe us or follow us at AI Sangam blog to know more about Data Science, Python, Matlab and Django.