Amazon EC2 Instance

EC2 is a Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Amazon EC2 instance is a virtual server for running application on Amazon web services infrastructure. It is used for deployment, computing, networking and security. One can use CPU, memory, storage and additional software to run instance. It is pay as you go cloud platform. Amazon elastic compute cloud either supports multiple OS or one can buy license provided it does not support non standard OS. Amazon elastic block store is a cloud based store which saves the data persistently on the file system even after you shut down EC2 instance.

Evolution of EC2 Virtualization

Amazon has introduced the nitro hypervisor which is called evolution of Amazon EC2 virtualization. Initially it used Xen virtualization. This allows multiple operating system to share the same hardware.

Different Types of Instance

  • T2: It is burstable performance instance. It provides ample (full) performance without any additional charge./li>
  • M5: 2.5 GHZ Intel Xeon Platinum processor with Intel advanced vector extension (AXV-512) instruction set.
  • M4: 2.3 GHZ Intel Xeon E5-2686 V4 or 2.4 GHZ Intel Xeon E5-2676 V3

Outstanding Benefits

  • Privileges and Control: User have complete administrative control over their Virtual Servers./li>
  • Operating System Selection: User can run instance on operating system of their choice.
  • Security: When user launch their instance, it runs in a virtual private cloud which is a logically isolated network.