One can call Chatbot as a spokesperson for the Artificial intelligence. Chatbot is also called as tallkbot, chatterbot, IMbot, interactive agent and artificial conversational entity. It is one of the dazzling application of AI which from which many companies have reaped benefits and brought value to business. It finds application as a 24x7 customer support, human resource and in Internet-of-Things. AI chatbot has elicited how AI can help in flourishing better business and economy. IBM Watson, ELISA and PERRY are some of the good example to show how chatbots popularity has increased. Amazon ALEXA, Apple SIRI, Microsoft Cortana, Facebook messenger, WeChat and Whatsapp are using chatbot in some respect and we all know their popularity in today's time. It has filled the niche which was done by phone calls before.

Understanding Chatbot in deeper sense means making the interaction between human and machine looks like the communication between two real persons. Coming to AI Sangam, it is startup company which can provide you quality of service and satisfaction. So please look at the services provided by us with respect to AI Chatbot.

Services offered by us:

  • Can build chatbot for any company or business. You need to contact us using any mode of communication either from email ( or at skype (live:aisangamofficial)
  • If you are launching or been an owner website of E commerce we can make your site more effective by building your website own chatbot. Pricing and dealing will depends on conversation which can be done through any means such as skype or gmail or social networking sites. Effectivity of chatbot depends upon design, building, analysis and maintenance.
  • If you are running some clothing business or fashion industry we can build chatbot for you. All depends upon the quantity of data available and constructive communication between you and us. Please email us of you want any services from us or please watch you tube channel for knowing us better.