Disease Prediction

Availability of medical dataset have attracted researchers worldwide. With such availability in bio medical and healthcare community, accurate analysis of early disease detection is possible in present scenario. You can visit the UCI machine learning repository to fetch dataset related to lungs, heart, kidney and many other diseases. Data is an oil for machine learning. Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is the fastest growing cause of blindness, with nearly 415 million diabetic patients at risk worldwide. Google AI researchers found that they could improve their AI disease detecting software by using a small subset of images adjudicated by ophthalmologists that specialize in retinal diseases. Just imagine how beneficial is artificial intelligence is for serving mankind.

Support vector machines, random forest, multi class classification and Naive Bayes have been developed to train the model with the data for prediction and this proved very handy in knowing whether a person is suffering from any disease or not. To learn this methods or for better understanding you can visit the AI Sangam you tube channel. Disease prediction is a very active area of research and machine learning along with deep learning is applied to develop such system which can transform medical lines to higher heights. AI Sangam offers you the list of following services with respect to disease prediction.

Services offered by us:

  • Analyzing data set from different repositories and removing the abnormality and redundancy from the data.
  • Tanning the data with the best parameters if approach is support vector machine or comparing the result with different methods of training.
  • Building web application for particular disease so as to use the model in best possible way.