It is data warehouse project software build on top of Hadoop for providing queries. We all know that data is stored in table inside the database. Hive is like SQL which is used to query data stored in database and file system that integrates with Hadoop. Please refer the following figure to understand hive in better way.

Various Components of Hive:

  • CLI, HWI: These are used for data querying. CLI stands for command line interface where HWI stands for hive web interface.
  • Thrift Server: It is cross language service development kit and runs using C++, java and many other languages. With the help of such, hive installed on one computer can be accessed in another computer.
  • Driver: This define the life cycle of the query.
  • Meta Store: It stores the meta data of hive. Database is the folder under which the table is stored and data is stored in the table. In the hive Database is stored in the user warehouse hive.