Image Processing

A digital image is a representation of a two dimensional image as a finite set of digital values so called pixels or intensity values. To get to know how important this domain it just read this stats. Researchers predicted that the global market of image recognition will reach $38.92 billion by 2021. Talking about Low level process examples are Noise removal, Image sharpening while going for the Mid level process it includes object recognition and object detection. It is computer vision and image processing which are considered most hot burning topics in the deep learning domains. Consider you have the MRI Image of body organ. With the help of Image processing techniques it is possible to perform segmentation, edge detection and thresholding. It will help to view the scan in a better way. Same lies for the terrestrial, printed circuit board, law enforcement fields where it is finding much of its application. Image restoration is another area which is widely used. Just think about children who has been kidnapped or trafficked. Using app developed using image recognition algorithms, it is possible to locate them. You can check about face recognition from AI Sangam blog and its real time applications from AI Sangam blog. Image processing has gained a lot of status and value when deep learning came and especially Tensorflow models which has successfully in building object detection api. With the images you can make your own annotations and train them using Tensorflow. Fashion recommendation system has become one of the popular topic in today's scenario. In some how it is related to image processing because at the deeper part it is images which are being trained and you could imagine profit it is generating today. Image compression techniques and use of genetic algorithm made it easy to compress images without losing its quality. It helps in saving a lot of memory space when the complexity of data is increasing day by day. In an nutshell, it can be said that there are various algorithms available for performing different task in image processing and it is benefitting the society in a better way.