Matlab is multiparadigm numerical and propriety programming language. Paradigm refers to procedural, object oriented, functional and logical. Multiparadigm refers to combination of these. Matlab is very popular and very handy. It can be used for manipulation of matrix, creating plots of function and data, building interactive GUI and interfacing with programs written in Java, C, C++,C# and Python. Matlab is very interactive and at the same time you can see current directory, editor window, workspace, command window, command history and figure window when you run the plot. You may re-run the previous command in the command window. Importing data and csv files are very simple in Matlab. Working with functions, scripts and data is very easy in Matlab. You can also build very interactive Graphical User Interface within no time. It provides all support to compile the programs written in other languages and hence area of working can be spread to a larger level. It is one of the best environment for performing research work in computer vision, image processing, encryption and decryption. Documentation is very effective. If you area beginner and you want to visualize the data in a better way, Matlab is one of the best option. It has machine learning libraries and supports many algorithms. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is making life very easy and you can learn about how machine learning is making life smarter by clicking on it. Convolutional models are also supported in MATLAB but I suggest for deep learning python is more suitable as it is a open source. You can also visit Mathsworks which provides extensive support for operations related p problems and coding in Matlab.