The R Project for Statistical Computing

It is a multiparadigm language i.e. Arrays, object oriented, imperative, procedural and reflective. It is an open source language under GNU General Public License. It supports building of projects on sentimental analysis, K means clustering, decision trees, text processing and text mining. It has a fantastic mechanism for creating data structure. Further, strong R community is committed to improve data analysis. When you have excel sheet and you uploaded data more than 250K, it becomes sluggish while R handles more than 10 millions rows quite easily. Giant companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Uber, IBM are using R language to handle different task. Packages such as dplyr, tidyr, readr, data.table, SparkR and ggplot2 have made data manipulation, visualization and computation much faster and easier. One of the good example to show is twitter analysis (Semantic analysis of French Elections). There is a package rPython which enables calling python script from R. So one can integrate python with R. Again I repeat that choice of language depends on programmer but logics are same and can be applied to any programming language. Introduction and integration using wrapper libraries have made the work more easier and one can use the script written in other programming language into his programming language.